How to Train Like a Royal Marine

You might be obsessed with Marines and wonder how they achieve that rugged and manly look.

Royal Marine Training

Ross Edgley, our man, will reveal the secrets about Royal Marines, as how you can be one, without even spending a dime on protein shakes.

From simple push-ups to traditional Chinese workouts, being a Royal Marine has never been so easy.

It might seem challenging to get combat-ready strength but talking to the personal trainers of Royal Marines , you will be surprised to learn that anyone can be trained like a marine.

Let’s us present some military training secrets that will help you get military stamina with time.


Fewer people know that strength training was pioneered by military.

A Progressive Resistance Exercise program was started that comprises of 3 heavier sets of 10 repetitions.

It gained popularity with time and became foundation of repetition weight programs found in gyms these days.

Goals. Repetition. Set. Time (in sec)
Stamina. 1-3 1-3 2-10
Power. 3-5 3-5 10
Gaining Muscles. 5-10 5-10 20-45
Muscle strength. 5-20+ 3-10 Above 45


While being the pioneers of some of the new military methods, the Royal Marines also had the responsibility to practice some of the ancient ones too.

Royal Marine Commando Training

Even before the invention of protein shakes and weight gainer, Royal Marines grew tough and strong by perfecting themselves in carrying heavy things for a longer distance.

One of the most common strongman exercises was running while carrying a 20kg ammo box or lifting a missile shell.

Running has been proved to develop a huge back, and a more easy transition to heavier sports.

And this is the reason why many coaches will force to add a weighted carry in your workout routine, instead of a static weight-lift.

How to do it?

  • Place two boxes (weights) on both of your sides.
  • Make a strong grip on weights and deadlift them.
  • Ensure a neutral lower back posture.
  • Try not to injure yourself by carrying the weights too lightly.
  • In start, your posture has to be straight, looking forward with packed shoulders.
  • Now gradually start to move forward for a pre-decided distance while carrying the weights.

Missile Carry – How to do it?

The missile carry is also called keg carry.

Your gym might not be missile handy as it is an awkward activity but has the ability to strengthen your core.

So let us see, as how actually it is done:

  • Lift the keg (missile) in a way that one arm is near the top and the other arm stays close to the base.
  • This uneven balancing makes this exercise a bit risky to perform.
  • Done forget to switch between left arm high/right one low and right arm high/left one low on each set.
  • It controls the uneven balancing issue. Perform the sets in even number.
  • Once you have lifted the missile, make your grip tight and lean a little on your back.
  • Gradually start to move forward.


It is one of the most favorite workouts in military training, as it doesn’t require any special training and can be performed anywhere and anytime.

Marine Bodyweight Arm Workout

But the question which arises here is about its effectiveness, that is, is it that effective?

A research once published in Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research showed that military’s standardized training performance adds lots of improvements in terms of physical performance.

So exercises such as press-ups, push-ups and pull-ups are not only the oldest ones but the most tried and tested ones too.

There has to be a special reason as why does it exist until now whereas many fitness fads have disappeared with time.

So, the rule is simple, include this in your workout plan.


So, by now, you must have an idea, as how to train like a Royal Marine so simply enroll yourself.

Marine Exercise Chain Workout

Here is a set of workouts that sums up all of the above mentioned workouts.

A simple rule is, no rest between exercises and a 60 sec rest after the performing sets.

As more the circuit becomes easier for you, try adding more weights, sets, repetitions with lesser resting time.

Set number 1:

  1. Pull ups 4 times
  2. Sit ups 10 times
  3. Press-ups 8 times
  4. Ammo box carry – 10 meters – 50kgs

Set number 2:

  1. Pull ups 6 times
  2. Sit ups 12 times
  3. Press-ups 10 times
  4. Ammo box carry – 15 meters – 50kgs

Set number 3:

  1. Pull ups 8 times
  2. Sit ups 14 times
  3. Press-ups 12 times
  4. Ammo box carry – 20 meters – 50kgs

Set number 4:

  1. Pull ups – 10 times
  2. Sit ups – 16 times
  3. Press ups – 14 times
  4. Ammo box carry – 25 meters – 50kgs

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Being the Royal Marine – At a glance:

US Marine Combat Workout Body

As you have seen that Royal Marines performs several exercises that might seem simple and standard to you , but remember that it is their determination and consistency that provides that robust look!