Military Steroids: A Crazily Growing Trend in Army and Marines

The use of steroids is commonly observed in bodybuilders, but much to our surprise, it was found to be common amongst the military too.

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As per a latest research , steroid usage has surged to an unbelievable level in marines and army, in particular.

There is no denying in the fact that men in marines and army need miraculous power to fight and survive, and considering the Middle East conflicts, the need to keep themselves in a surviving state seems continuous.

It’s been almost two decades for the Unites States to engage into an endless war with the Middle East.

Like any other war, this war too, has resulted in swallowing the lives of many soldiers with no hope of ending in the near future.

This certainly demands the soldiers to fight a battle and survive in an alien land.

Apparently, the constant misery in their lives has triggered towards the unconventional means of survival- the usage of steroids in order to turn bigger and powerful.

This issue has been greatly covered by the media lately.

The findings of a report may sound surprising to most of us that the officials are actually financing and supporting their soldiers with their steroid use.

An increasing trend – alarming indeed:

Military steroids bodybuilding results The news pertaining to the increasing use of steroids emerged when some military soldiers were tested for drug use.

The men belonged to the fourth Army Battalion and were suspected to be involved in using illicit steroids.

The report was initially made by a detective after taking an interview from a soldier, and was later covered by the media.

The findings unveiled that the use of illicit drug was common amongst the military soldiers.

Interestingly, the results were opposed by their leader who voiced in favor of his men taking supplements, and not steroids.

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Quite the contrary, his stance was contradicted by few of his military soldiers who confessed using anabolic steroids.

They further articulated the involvement of around 700 men, from the same Battalion.

Ironically, the revelation was quite the opposite to the results of Defense Department that presented a very low percentage of men involved.

This is a clear indication that the use of anabolics was and is very much higher in the militants.

It’s more of a need for them:

The use of steroids , is unlawful, however, the practice appears like a necessity for the army militants.

anabolic steroids usage by bodybuilders

Soldiers who confessed ‘injecting’ themselves stated that steroids give them an edge in combats and help them with survival.

Considering this, we believe the use of steroids is very much justifiable as you surely need some special kind of defensive measures to deal with your enemies.

Interestingly, a soldier said that steroids are good for strength and power; something they badly need at war.

He prefers their use to get more powerful, so that he can manage all the complexities that come with deployments in army.

As per another soldier, steroids helped him with his size and he does not mind using these drugs at any point.

Nothing is hidden:

Seth Manzel on Marine Muscle Steroids While the media highlighted the issue, nothing seemed to surprise the soldiers deployed overseas.

According to them, the usage of steroids is not done under the wraps and so, the practice is not hidden to anyone there.

Similarly, a militant, Seth Manzel deployed in Iraq said that he once witnessed his leader injecting a needle into a soldier’s body.

This makes us believe that the use of steroids is no hidden secret to them as they are very much contented with the way these drugs help them with their targets.

Manzel also added that no captain would ever mind his men getting physically ready for the battle, way before the actual time.

So when the militants themselves are expressive enough about their steroid use, is there a need to finance steroid tests by the federal government?

Saving of money:

Not every individual in the military seems to support or favor these drugs.

According to an Army vice Chief of Staff , we cannot overlook the permanent harm these drugs can cause while focusing on the temporary gain.

Even though, his opinion has weight, yet, no major action has been taken in the form of steroid testing so far.

It is further disappointing to know that only 300 militants have been tested since 2008, which gives us an idea that the government is not willing to waste its money on the issue.

The verdict:

After analyzing the government’s response and army’s behavior in this regard, we believe neither of the party is willing to take a preventive step.

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While the militants are using steroids to fight hard and survive, the government seems to follow the ignorance policy for its personal benefits!